Resistance or Surrender

when is resistance untenable and surrender the only option?
when is surrender untenable and resistance the only option?

2 years ago I surrendered to whooping cough

2 months ago till 2 weeks ago I resisted an unknown an stealthy bacterium
that wouldn’t catch the attention of any doctor or specialist

it’s easier to surrender
resistance takes so much energy, also anger energy

without surrender I might have died 2 years ago
without resistance how could I ever convince one of those doctors


nobody seems to listen anymore these days …
we are full of knowledge and trust the equipment

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0663


21 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. We too do not listen to our own bodies until it turns on us but if we start listening it will guide us to the answer even if not getting an answer is the answer. May you heal gracefully….Suki x

  2. Yes, no one is trusted to know their own body, to know how they feel. We believe the theories learned between coffee-fueled late night study sessions and the outputs of the computers. But the human instrument has a range of sensitivity that still baffles and confounds… 🙂 Glad you resisted, Bert! Hope you are on the mend and taking on nourishment and joy!


  3. I am surprised to hear YOU say this about doctors. Of course, I totally agree with you. I just see doctors’ minds shut down tight with me– not only because I am a woman (1 strike against me) but when they see or hear Bipolar and Asperger’s, forget about it. All is “anxiety.” My husband is a doctor’s son but I go in with him to doctors and he is treated like a person with credibility. I thought it was just the male medical establishment in the U.S. but I guess it is not much different elsewhere. Hope you are BETTER!!!

    • Part of the problem is a younger generation, where those doctors I used to know from childhood are retiring. I speak a different language than those rookies. But they listen … then probably don’t know what to do according to the textbooks contradicting itself in my case … and not having seen enough cases yet to forget those books 🙂 As mentioned in the replies above, it’s getting better. I taught yesterday and will be teaching again this evening, and tomorrow I will visit the datacenter … the throat is now my biggest concern as I need it to speak 🙂 farm honey does a lot of good.

  4. I fully agree. I have read that doctors’ abilities to interpret X-ray correctly are on a decline if they use ‘intelligent software’ to support them with the analyses.

    I addition I think that experts in every profession need to adapt to a generation of clients / patients who are able to do their own research – so experts should listen (I am not excluding myself – I love my hard-googling self-educated clients who ask the tough questions!)

    • … in addition, specialists don’t look over the fences of their specialism: a pneumologist will not look at your throat, even the windpipe is off limits …

  5. You are right, Bert. So many do not listen any more and it seems as if we who know our bodies best are not being heard due to technology knowing better. Gorgeous image by the way! Hope you are feeling better! Self knowledge is truly powerful! (((HUGS))) Amy

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