modelled identity

from many fragments of the past,
we fashion our own identity,
what we find interesting
we will dramatize
good experiences
bad adventures
to create
in us

you construct your own identity mostly for yourself:
your most devoted audience
is you

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2015 – @drogenbos(VELTEM) – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0138


23 thoughts on “modelled identity

    • Well, Reality IS, but we store the shadow of our senses as experiences in our mind’s memory. Then that storage of experiences is seen as the only reality there is. And it is just only a personal shadow, and there are as many shadows of reality as there are beings on earth.
      Have a wonderful week, Christy!

    • infatuated people are never infatuated with their ‘target’, but with the image they have of it .. and not with the image you create about yourself … I think? … unless of course one is infatuated with oneself … 😉

      • True enough my friend, though the same applies when ‘we’ are devoted to, or infatuated with, our own self-entity, which itself is an image (your word) of something other than what our being is in actuality – yes? In this instance, the infatuating ‘we’ is synonymous with what is being infatuated about. This is really the essence of the ego problem: the self-entity reflecting upon itself as if looking in a (cognitive) mirror.

        • … I think I didn’t get ‘infatuation’ in this context. I personally know how hubris feels, but I have never been infatuated (like besotted) with ME. 🙂 But of course, it is the self that continues to feed itself in the way you describe 🙂

    • there is question coming forward: “is choosing not of the mind?” Shouldn’t we try to listen to our soul and let it take the path it came to earth for. Have a wonderful week, Sulai.

  1. We certainly do create our own self with our thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to paint our lives with beauty and love.

    • … well, if we would soften our thoughts, there would be more Soul in our lives, hence Beauty and Love. Our society is not tuned like that, unfortunately, so we are all carried by the stream …

      • Hi Bert, most certainly “softening our thoughts” would transform this world. I will keep your words in my heart as I head back into the working world after a 2 week vacation.

  2. I like this…I guess because its true, hopefully the identity is compatible with ones Soul Journey
    Take Care…You Matter

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