listen to yourself


listening to your body
like how deep exactly is your cough,
throat, windpipe, mid- or lower lung(s)

which bone in my foot hurts exactly?
is it a bone, could it be a muscle, or a tendon

listen to your hormones,
feel them race around,
when you’re angry, or in love,

listen to your emotions,
are you sad or happy,
what exactly are you
when you feel content?

listen to your thoughts
when they rush in circles,
when they are complaining,
when they are worrying,
when they are tormenting,
sulking, commenting, judging, …

listen to yourself
when you focus your attention

listen to your sixth sense,
is there only one sense?
can you differentiate
telepathy and intuition,
is there more?

listen to the Universe,
what is that connection point
you call a soul,
or clear light?
can you feel it, be aware of it …

be also aware of love and fear,
going through all the layers,
physical, emotional, mental, transmental …

attraction and aversion,
open or closed,
near or distant
near and distant …

Who is listening, when I am listening?

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2015 – @drogenbos(VELTEM) – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0107


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