looking and listening …

an inspiring quote …

. . .
Looking and listening were for me ways of quieting my mind, teaching it to not think, breaking habits of thought like: what to do? where to go? But after awhile, looking and listening became something much more: I came to see and to hear the world, existence, more and more acutely. The more I watched and listened, the more I saw and heard, more keenly, more distinctly.
Every day I gained more and more pleasure from this listening and looking, always seeing and hearing more clearly. As time went on, I appreciated how glorious and beautiful existence is, living. I saw how busy, preoccupied were most people with doing, making. Existence was already so much to enjoy, so grand and lovely, so exquisite. Just to see, to hear the sights and sounds that were there made me happy and delighted. I was truly happy and at peace. Everywhere. All the time.


Laurie Seagel (from: A Man Impossible to Classify .. by Richard Whittaker, Dec 21, 2007)


Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2015 – @drogenbos(veltem BE) – Nikon d3300 – x_DSC_0094


5 thoughts on “looking and listening …

    • … they have something that reminds me of my childhood, when we played hide and seek in barns, and when we rode the wagons (or the more modern version) hanging behind a tractor. I also vividly remember driving those tractors from age 14, perhaps even before …

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