mind interconnects
the places
in time and space …

it creates
a fluid continuum,
as if
time and place
stood still …

so there is Paris, like an empty mindmap with only 10 pixels filled in …

mind brought forward gare de l’Est and 14th arrondissement from  a visit in 1983
mind presented the Bd. Périférique as in 1994
mind filled in empty gaps on the highways A1 and A2 while going there
then mind associated the old route national N2,
while exiting the ringroad,
with … Chandigarh … !?!

mind seems to use a very strange database

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2015 – @paris – Canon Ixus HS230 – x_IMG_9315

13 thoughts on “mindspace

  1. Our Minds are beautiful search engines. My son tells me that one of the theories being looked at now is that the mind does not contain memories. They are more like “out there” (in the cloud) and that our minds contain pointers that send us to that info. Explains mind reading and such easily and the reprogramming of the brain when we think memories are lost then found – the memories are eternal, our pointers just need to get there.

    • that could well be, althoug I’m more inclined to see physical neurons find the information stored within there network. At the same time, I’d like to delve into these exterior memory clouds to find memories on those questions that all people would like to see answered.

  2. I live alone and spend 99.99% of my time without speaking. However, I occasionally do utter something aloud to myself. So, 4hrs. 36mins. of silence, then “cauliflower!, another 2hrs. 51mins. and “splunge, ha-ha”, 6hrs. 13mins. later “ah, tennis didn’t”. What the hell is going on?

  3. Your closing line cracked me up, Bert. The mind is a very mysterious platform indeed… 😉

    I have to say the search algorithms used by the mind make applications like Google seem like child’s play… To be able to instantly dredge up the memory of how a particular room smelled twenty years ago, or what it felt like to let a horse eat an apple wedge out of your hand way back when. And it does this constantly, whether the user puts in a search field or not…! Ha!


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