there is something coming
from the depths of my brain,
… next …
mind translates it into words
… a thought …

always an interpretation
never reality

sometimes a dialogue ensues
but often not

this pronounced dialogue
is a slow process
we need it for reasoning and for communicating

machine language
inside that brain
must precede any thought.

the comments after the ‘event’
is what I hear MY mind telling ME

now, who is this ‘ME’
that my mind is talking to?

Mind talking to itself?

Or is it trying to convince
something deeper,
dragging ‘ME’ with its
unquestionable wordings …

perhaps there is free will after all …
but before thought

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2015 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – x_IMG_9034

20 thoughts on “dialogue

  1. What a beautiful image, so stirring, and such interesting reflections in the poem. So much to ponder and cogitate over, preferably in the company of a mint-coloured cup of hot tea and a cold hiburnal wind beckoning at the door…Superb post. Always enjoy my visits here, immensely. Jubilant cheers,

    smiling toad

  2. Thought provoking stuff here, Bert. I truly believe that one day we will discover our True Self, and I’m convinced that will be nothing to do with the little ego mind/consciousness through which we presently perceive life. Lovely photo. Blessings, my friend.

      • Absolutely. i do believe we’re all part of the One Consciousness within which all things exist. I have to admit that my ultimate goal has been to unite with my True Spiritual Self while here in the body. But now you’ve got me thinking – perhaps there is no real self!!

        • Well, we can always try to integrate all the layers that are part of the ‘me’ experience: physical, hormonal, emotional, mental, and spiritual (and perhaps some more) … and then see 🙂
          … seems the mental layer is the most narrow of them all, and it is trying to emulate a ‘real self’ most of the time.
          What happens when this layer is quiet?

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