under the moonlight

trying to understand meaninglessness
by changing perspective

perhaps there is no use in understanding
it probably can’t be understood at all

perhaps there isn’t even a perspective

it just happens
right here …
right now …

pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2015 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 CHDK – x_IMG_8977/8980

23 thoughts on “under the moonlight

    • depending on perspective, there is nothing, or there is only a phenomenal world, or there is an absolute reality, sometimes combined, sometimes all of them, and sometimes neither nothing nor anything.

    • It’s a mental problem: mind sees random and organized death, terror, devastation, destruction and chaos resulting in a total rejection of ‘former’ values by that same mind that has seen its systems of control and understanding of the world as completely useless. However, often after a short time, mind starts to rebuild those systems, …
      although it would be better if it didn’t … 🙂

      • Thanks, now contemplate this :-): In view of the reality that all we perceive to be real is, in fact, simply a creation or projection of the collective mind, a perception, meaninglessness as you term it can occur!
        Note: I appreciate that this truth is extremely difficult to comprehend but an effort to comprehend such is not a lost cause 🙂

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the second one. And I appreciate the way you move, through the meaninglessness, to your conclusion. At the stage I’m still in, it helps me whenever I remember not to have any opinion. Much more comfortable for me. — Elizabeth

    • Thank You, Elizabeth. It took some time to chew through meaninglessness. Triggered by meaningless events on a Norse island and on a Swiss highway. These triggers will happen again, on smaller or bigger scales. I wonder whether chewing through it for 3 years will have an effect on letting go next time. I remember Pema Chödron on opinion … and thought. Good stuff.

  2. You can not understand meaninglessness ..you can get disturbed by it..confused..irritated..the moment you understand it..well it no longer remains meaninglessness..it has a meaning..which maybe less or more..

    • yes of course, knowledge about something is not the thing itself. So the meaninglessness IS one moment, next the thinking disappears for a short or a longer period, and meaninglessness disappears with it … within that time frame …. 🙂

    • Yes, … but a long term depressing meaninglessness shouldn’t be part of that. Perhaps letting go of meaning is necessary to enjoy mistery a lot more … perhaps?

  3. though if we changed perspective , couldn’t it eventually change our perception to where it meaninglessness would be meaningful…
    yes I know…two different meanings 🙂
    you always make me think, though this could be too much thinking on my part
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Hi Maryrose. I see that we ourselves are the creators of meaning. We encounter meaninglessness when we are tired by the 2nd hand meaning anybody else or society gave us. This is an intermediary step. The next moment we create meaning — although ever changing like a river — ourselves. The intermediary step is necessary, hence meaningful 🙂 since in the long run (or short run) it will enable us to become creators of meaning

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