camera hacking

playing around with CHDK
doing some test on RAW format: DNG
using darktable software to ‘develop’ RAW to JPG
testing a 4 seconds exposure in a room without light

… the Point&Shoot camera never wanted to shoot
… shutter speeds longer than 1/8″ before the hack
… but now it appears to listen sometimes to what I want

… just playing around and enjoying the opening of endless possibilities …
… apparently still need to learn a lot

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2015 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 CHDK – x_IMG_8940


8 thoughts on “camera hacking

    • You can make a cartoon on any postcard — but it is much more difficult on a digital photograph .. 🙂
      And what would a raw underexposed postcard look like? A wall flower perhaps?

  1. Good for you! I gave up trying to learn shooting raw. Too complex for this lifetime. Now you need a tripod. Monopod is cheaper but not as versatile. Have fun. Will look forward to see what you come up with. 😊

    • There now is an obligatory extra round before editing. Could call it preprocessing … although it is extra work, one can use presets in the open source software darktable. So once I learn how to use 1% of it, it will be tuning more than editing. I noticed a gigantic difference in sharpness at 200% but also noticed all the artefacts that I manually (preset) have to smoothen out and that I was before unaware of. (it is a bit frightening to see how fragile that the digital negative really is) (Besides, I also used UFraw software and came to the conclusion that either I’m too stupid to use it, or it is just a useless toy.)
      Regardless, I’m only going to use this for special purposes only: better macros.
      At the same time this gives me an extra year, looking around for a DSLR (nikon 5300d might be within budget) or an alternative prosumer Point&Shoot (Canon powershot s120). My current camera has become like an old smartphone: “stubborn and less reliable” but I can put it under a small mushroom (physically impossible with a DSLR) without thinking that it might get dirty (mentally difficult with 1000$ plus equipment).
      CHDK might come handy for night snapshots: something I have felt missing a couple of times in the past 2 years. This used to work with the old HP photosmart I bought in 2005, but not in the Ixus.

  2. wonderful achievement! may it continue to be fruitful for you, Bert.
    i’ve been using the chkdsk to shoot dng files in my old canon powershot for several years with happy success.

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