random blue borders

watching that cloud
from a parking lot
clear blue sky

look at it long enough
and small eye movements
create dark blue borders around it

flash away then refocus

there is no thought
when this happens
focus is the process of looking

any thought will disturb that focus

now waiting for the driver of the car
who just parked next to mine, to get out

thought wanted to make a picture
but it also doesn’t want to feel watched
while making the picture

now time slows down
clouds can go fast
the lady takes her time
why doesn’t awareness wait in silence
why is consciousness taken over by thoughts

a picture is made
then another one
and a third

each picture is scrutinized on sharpness;
third one feels ok

the focussed macula
is a whole lot sharper
than the 5 mega-pixel of this phone
not a bad camera
but the area i focussed on
is only the size of 3 full moons
need a good 300mm tele-objective

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) december 2014 – @Carrefour Herent(B) – Samsung galaxy Core GT-i8260 – x_20141206_160352/160328

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