conscious awareness

consciousness is a set of streams,
coming from outside: our senses
coming from inside: our mind

awareness is a conscious switch
selecting which stream(s) to focus
our attention on …
sometimes a sharp focus
engaging or disengaging the commenting mind

mind has learned how to seduce awareness
into a complete attention to itself
commenting, chattering,
providing maps and wikis,
all the information it has stored
on any possible situation
often talking to itself
often engaging speech while talking to itself

but then …

“Do you hear that bird” someone says
awareness is now concentrating on listening
in fact, for moments mind remains completely silent …
until the thought: “I don’t hear a bird”
tries to get all the attention
without “who-i-am” being aware
of the switching streams of attention.

When we are listening,
being aware of the bird
without judgement or comment from the mind
we will be aware of reality as it sounds

Hearing the bird,
while commenting and
trying to conceptualize it
while trying to compare it
to all those records
in memory of past bird’s songs,
we are not aware of the song it sings
we are tuned to the mind-stream instead,
fetching a past experience

When looking at the picture above,
we will obviously read it is a common milkweed bug
engaging the google in our head
to bring forward past experiences and images of this beetle
and we might forget to look at the face on its shield wings

Listening and Looking with your senses of hearing and seeing …
Retrieving the virtual reality of past experiences …

The first is lively, always completely new, 4D
The 2nd option plays in VHS only …

We have a problem …
it is difficult to keep our awareness on reality
we have been conditioned to listen to our mind all the time
we think that we are that unique mind inside our special body
but perhaps, “who-i-am” is nothing but awareness …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @botanical gardens Leuven(B) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8316

9 thoughts on “conscious awareness

  1. Excellent Bert! I always make a distinction between ‘awareness’ (pure apprehending) and ‘consciousness’ whenever I write about this. Most people regard the two as synonymous (and perhaps some dictionaries do too), though it’s very useful to acknowledge what is prior to conception, prior to representation. This, I think, is why Ellen is pointing to Mooji and his self-enquiry.

    • Well, I see that they are distinct, although I don’t see the details yet. Consciousness seems to be (a lot) more passive than awareness, trying to catch them into a one-liner …
      There is a time for every teacher … Mooji is on the horizon, … need to find more time …

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