how to engage the silence

the moon is always silent
though always moving
always changing
always reflecting energy
temporarily absorbing some
then releasing that again

when we wake up,
silence is there
be it just  a few seconds
sometimes however minutes
often less

now if you watch breakfast tv
or listen to talk radio
your silence will never remain
if you must watch tv or listen to the radio
then watch sweet children’s programs
or listen to non stop music

don’t read your e-mail
don’t read the news-site
don’t read a newspaper
don’t yet think about your schedule

all the above will engage your mind
with other people’s
thoughts, words and opinions
and remove the silence for the rest of the day

follow your habitual routine
keep morning conversations
to the point,
give hugs
be nice

I’m not talking of unusual circumstances
just an ordinary day
when the weather forecast
will not save your life

you can engage in the still avoided mind noise
any non-silent moment
during a busy day
or during a noisy weekend

when the silence is still there, when you leave for work
or go to school, or to wherever it is …

… then keep silent in the car, or in a train, or in the bus …

no talk radio,
try not to overhear conversations,
or your silence will be stolen

in traffic you will learn that fire is in the nature of driving
in the nature of yourself driving,
in the nature of the other driving.
we don’t make faces to fire, we don’t curse it,
we only acknowledge that it burns
and will try to avoid getting burnt;
do you ever show your middle finger to fire?

save yourself and be grateful for your life
and for the life of the other
smile understandably
everybody makes mistakes

at work don’t start a morning gossip with colleagues,
keep yourself to communicating professionally only
perhaps share lunch less than daily
and some days the silence will last longer

… there are many other ways to keep a silent mind
but exercise and patience is necessary,
without patience, there is no silence
without perseverance, you will only learn the basics
… and be quickly disappointed

it takes a long time to get a wild bird to eat out of your hand
it took a long time for the moon to get into a tidal lock
and show the same silent side of her face
to the earth and those living on it

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2014 @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – x_IMG_8726


13 thoughts on “how to engage the silence

    • Thx for the follow
      … yes, … one has to modify sunday-silence into something else …
      perhaps better to every day observe 15 minutes … starting 1 day a week, like sundays 🙂 and perhaps extend it as it comes out …

      without a plan we do nothing, but with rules too strict, we give up very soon too … as you give sleep-advise to people, you should also not being too strict on silence-plans for yourself and their consequences for your family.

      Have a wonderful 2015!

  1. A little piece and quiet cleanses the mind and sole . A time at the beach(before screaming kids, dopey tourists and boom box music arrives) and just hear waves kiss the shore and the distant sounds of the gulls does it for me.

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