I treat my thoughts
with the same kind
of attention
as when hearing
or listening to
a human voice

sense from within (thinking)
sense from without (hearing)
¿ same/similar brain circuitry ?

difficult not to overhear
an interesting conversation;
difficult not to be disturbed
by chattering people
even more difficult
to be disturbed
by my own
chattering mind

but when I talk to myself
when I think to myself
I give it all the attention

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – x_IMG_8060


16 thoughts on “listening

  1. Thoughts can be pesky little critters….but simple awareness puts us directly in the heart, rather than the mind. Living mindfully is such a change from spinning my mind continually…I still fall into old habits, but I’m truly grateful for the wonderful teachers that have brought me to a place of awareness.

  2. “. . .but when I talk to myself, when I think to myself, I give it all the attention”

    Don’t you find it just evaporates when you do that Bert, that you see it’s already in the past?

    • It was difficult to stop the chatter yesterday, just after being photographed for overspeeding 5 or 6 km/h. The fine and its uncertain amount still being in the future …. 🙂

    • i had to think about this, next had to let it sink beyond thought.

      Thought is recalling anything that came from our senses in the past.
      Now I’m getting carried away a little …

      … mind in a way is a sense of the past, a google presenting itself when necessary, and when not > thought becomes word > and word becomes deed … in some cases.
      Deed is manifesting the thought. So any deed is a result of whatever we have seen, heard, read, sensed, smelled, tasted, .. and thought and reasoned in the past. …
      perhaps 🙂

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