a tickling scenery

tunnelling through the city woods
a scenery of yellow and green
and vertical twigs

then noticing thoughts …
a tapestry,
not much different:
a mosaic of
colourful interpretation
and vertical opinion
… backgrounding …

there remains
a tickling:
that do not find
a string to attach to

now I will never know
what I would have been thinking
if the strings would have been present

… and who cares …

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2014 – @Wezembeek(B) – Samsung galaxy Core GT-i8260 – x_20141118_144636


13 thoughts on “a tickling scenery

    • looks like subconscious processes with or without a conscious outcome — almost as if awareness can take its distance and see those thoughts as coming from a tv set, next turning the volume down, .. or not .. , to just keep watching

      • Yes, coincidentally I’ve always likened the sensation to feeling as if bumping along on a railway track; it’s just those barely perceptible nudges, little ruffles in the mind that form before the formation of words, then awareness amplifies and the words that would form instead back away, or die before being born.

        • the brain machine has to move a lot before the google in our head can speak a thought, but the chatter is disappearing and the murmuring subconscious does what it does best: it learns to adapt to a new situation.

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