railway share 5

Why would I like to know
what this building
will be used

Why do I need to label it?

Light is playing a game on its surfaces,
without asking any questions.

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2014 – @Antwerp(B) railway station – Samsung galaxy Core GT-i8260 – x_20141107_161037


4 thoughts on “railway share 5

    • Thank you — the sun helped more than a lot — when the light is nearly horizontal and deep yellow, anything becomes different. Iosatel was an inspiration. It’s tricky to capture it with a smart phone in front of the window of a moving train. 🙂 but to my surprise there appeared a series of 8 good pictures out of 20.

  1. ~ that’s the nature of light ~ it does no harm, humans, however, they do harm so it’s essential to know what the building will be used for: all buildings must be used to preserve and nurture life ~ in harmony with nature, who, also does no harm ~

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