flying sunset

it is very liberating to take this train
there is no stress
it gives you time
there is no hurry

there is no crowd
and there are few what ifs

landscapes glide past us
then trees
then a town
then a station

you fall asleep
and you wake up
200 miles further

then they will grant you
a free ticket: “Lost Traveller”

A Tag that’d suit me Well

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) november 2014 – @Duffel(B) railway-bridge over Nete river – Samsung galaxy Core GT-i8260 – x_20141106.163421


12 thoughts on “flying sunset

  1. re “A Tag that’d suit me Well” Perhaps so, but that is only how your moul (mind) sees it; the reality is that you are a traveller, a pilgrim, as we all are . . . . and you are on the journey! Bon voyage, my friend.

    • thank you Ellen. The ‘endless what ifs’ are mostly related to fear, sometimes to desire; all past and future — seldom, perhaps even never the present …
      My father is very strong with ‘what ifs’ — before and after. Very difficult to unlearn what was instilled by growing up with him for 22 years.

      • Bert, It does not only come from parents but also from overactive imagination. My mother and her mother and my mother’s sister were all extremely anxious (coincidentally the Sicilian side of the family and I only say that because I know you have some Italian in you but not sure if it is your father). In any case, I took that from them and ran! I don’t think most people generate the amount of what it’s I come up with. And as you grow older you know of more things that can go wrong (fear) or right (desire). That is good though because it is the driving force behind my quest for non duality. I learned this from Mooji and am right now in the middle of a 5 day retreat with him. 😊Have a great weekend, Ellen

        • There is that genetic interference … that I’d like to forget. But the genes are very diluted in my own case, and I never saw them expressed in my mother from whom they came.
          It is indeed the suffering that I undergo on a regular basis which also drives me in this direction.
          I hope you have a very interesting retreat and satsang with Mooji. He’s very inspiring 🙂

          • Thank you so much! I try to forget the genetic links, too. They can be overcome but it is hard.
            Mooji is great. So many treasures come out of his heart and mouth. It will take some time to sink in and I still have two days to look forward to. Blessings of peace, Ellen

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