no self no other


Gradually I began to notice a shift in this seeing. Where at first it had been nebulous and general, I soon noticed that when I visually focussed in on a flower, an animal, another person, or any particular object, slowly the particularity would recede into a nebulous Oneness, so that the object’s distinctness was lost to my mind. Visually of course, nothing changed, the change was merely in the type of perception itself. Until this happened, it never occurred to me how I had always taken for granted the individuality of all objects of visual perception. But now, with the imposition of the “3D glasses”, it became impossible for the mind to perceive or retain any individuality when all visual objects either faded from the mind, gave way to something else, or were “seen through” I do not know which is the best description to use. I might also add, I do not understand the mechanism of this change in perception, yet I regard this change as one of the most significant events in the entire journey. It not only remained as a permanent irreversible fixture of perception, but it seemed to be the necessary vehicle by which I eventually came to the final “seeing”.

— Roberts, Bernadette – The Experience of No-self; A Contemplative Journey Ch. 3 – 1993, SUNY


Knowing that the observed has no existence Apart from the observer,
Knowing that the observer has no existence Apart from the observed,
Divided mind is re-united.
Then there is no other, so there can be no self.
Then there is no self, so there can be no other.

— Wei Wu Wei (Terence Gray) – Open Secret Ch. 50 – 1965, Hong Kong University Press


Thought itself is the maker of the net; thought is the net. Thought is binding; thought can only lead to the vast expanse of time, the field in which knowledge, action, virtue, have importance. However refined or simplified, thinking cannot break down all thought. Consciousness as the experiencer, the observer, the chooser, the censor, the will, must come to an end, voluntarily and happily, without any hope of reward. The seeker ceases. This is meditation. Silence of the mind cannot be brought about through the action of will. There is silence when will ceases. This is meditation. Reality cannot be sought; it is when the seeker is not. Mind is time, and thought cannot uncover the measureless.

— Jiddu Krishnamurti – Commentaries on Living: Second Series ‘Meditation, effort, consciousness’ – 1958, Krishnamurti Foundation of America


Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @botanical gardens Leuven(B) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8171

One thought on “no self no other

  1. All of these quotes resonate (especially Krishnamurti’s) “There is silence when will ceases” – just finished reading “Waking Up” by Sam Harris, I think you’d like it.

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