what is it

what is that thing
that doubts
the reality of self?

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8096


23 thoughts on “what is it

  1. The mind: that sum-total of all one’s experiences over many lifetimes – just as is the “soul”. Hence, my word “Moul” [mind + soul] for them as they are both the same “thing”.

      • You are asking some good questions Bert and the enquiring mind is important to acquiring knowledge or awareness. However, if your questions are directed to me, which I think they may not be, you know that all this is covered by my writings which will be understood by one as and when they are capable of understanding. Remember , it took me over 50 year!

        • 🙂 , I glanced through TMIW where in CH2 and follwing you give your entire explanation.
          Fact is that in my life, since about 5 or 6 years, the metaphysical world of has been very silent, whereas before it wasn’t. I could interpret that as a shift in perception, I could also explain it as the mind having played silly games before that time. Right now the only not-physical thing is telepathy: the knowledge when i need to phone someone, or when to stay home to receive a phonecall. This could be an aspect of what you call a soul, and what tibetan buddhism calls clear light.

          • At various times, either in a lifetime, or part thereof, certain knowledge is not available to the individual for very sound reasons. Nothing is available that will adversely affect what we have to learn in any particular lifetime.

    • As I said above ” – just as is the soul.” Therefore, it is the sum total of all one’s experiences over many lifetimes or, to put it another way, a memory bank that influences one’s thoughts and actions.

      • It seems that philosophically, I’m trying to prove something by disproving the opposite … but this also leads to the same shortcomings of reason. And the there is this: “numinous experience is just as real as aesthetic experience; and the question that must be answered is whether these things are to be taken at face value as evidence of some kind of transcendent reality or whether the eternity they point to is a delusion” (harold muson) which 100% describes the struggle I’m in right now.

      • Everywhere and nowhere; I mean logic as a universal or fundamental element, and as read by the mind/brain. So it isn’t spatially referenced; though is accessed by the brain. Where are the thoughts you are reading in this comment residing?

        • thoughts are in mental mind. logic is an operator, an action, a verb. which is the object, that is trying to find out about the reality of self? Is it mental mind itself, it est meta-cognition, or is it something else?

          • Where is your ‘mental mind’? Only if you are a physicalist do you think of it as strictly spatially referenced. Some cognitive scientists, like Dennett, believe this is so. Others, like Chalmers and Tononi, do not. The way you describe logic is at the reading stage of it, not the essence of itself as a universal or fundamental phenomenon (a law if you like) prior to representation by mind. There is no ‘object trying to find out about the reality of the self’. An object is a concept alone, as is a subject. Can you identify a ‘self’ – a fixedly enduring and independently instantiated object or subject that resides within your body, or that is identical to that body, and which is existent other than as idea/belief?

            • We can call the representations of the mind ‘objects’, or even ‘cauliflowers’ if we wish; but they remain concepts alone, the purpose of which is to objectify through symbolism.

            • I am not avoiding the question; though I notice you have avoided one or two of mine Bert. 😉 I have just said that the representations of the mind are what is reading the logic, and that there is no ‘object trying to find out about the reality of the self’. I also said that ‘an object is a concept alone, as is a subject.’ Are you saying that some ‘self’ ‘is applying the logic or its absence?’ If so, then please answer my question posed at the end of my comment at 11.21 p.m.

            • well, I overlooked ‘representations of mind’ as the answer; so we are talking about meta-cognition. Those representations of mind, are a concept/object in itself. Logic can also be objectified as an objectclass of operators/methods but it is not the ‘doubter’.

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