mindful share 11

my body needed rest
my mind needed silence
felt almost contemplative
these past 2 weeks

there was this mental attendant
it whispered: “prepare this course”
the silence was not blissful
but I didn’t listen to duty
and did nothing

yearning so much for silence
after all these hectic months
with only one tiny intermezzo
mid may …

now I am aware
of that duty in mental mind,
of that pain in my left foot
of that heartbeat in my left ear
of the common cold nearly gone
of the residual nearly no fever
of the numbing of the painkiller
of the writing on this canvas

aware of how duty can be a dictator
aware of how doing nothing is the remedy

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8106

14 thoughts on “mindful share 11

  1. I really wish you all that freedom, piece and quiet you deserve!!

    It took me years to uncover which ‘duties’ I don’t like (any why) … and how to get rid of them or replace them, and since a year or so I feel deeply contented. Keeping that state requires some mental attendance though – not to be lured / trapped again, mainly by people calling me up when I don’t have time or focus to think about options. I try to automate to say no in such cases.

  2. oh so perfect. the comfort life gives us when no thing at all is always a choice in its surrender or acceptance or being present with no thing but that to do … fidgeting in the corner as a child prepared me well! =) ❤ nice to feel you back in the stream of things in my world anyway! cheers. <3nikiV

    • Surrender to reality. There isn’t going to be any good plan when the conditions are just wrong. And giving up finally does something: out of nothing you just feel good!

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