Humber 1922

I heard a strange and unfamiliar noise, while walking from my car to the grocery store. I couldn’t capture the moment when the thing producing this sound appeared around the corner. Some people laughed, but I felt speechless. A vintage car, driver and passenger dressed for the occasion, drove onto the parking, and parked close to my vehicle. “Yes, vintage people also need to do some shopping”, I thought, while closing my mouth that had dropped open in surprise.

While in the shop, I heard them speak German. Their time machine must have been looking for a German shop — and it found an ALDI. I hoped to be out before them to make some smart-phone shots. But life was better. We came out at the same time, and I was able to start a small conversation and make this picture of the proud owners: Lutz(Ludwig) und Marlene.

They told me that this vehicle was an English Humber, built in 1922 and that they were on a visit to a car show. Their other regular vehicle had broken down, so they used this one to get some groceries.

When feeling speechless, identity recedes, and our natural open and vulnerable state emerges. Some feel scared when this happens, and their identity, enarmoured for the occasion, will protect them a few seconds later. One way of doing this, is Nervous Laughter. I quote Thought Catalog: “Laughing in public is a way to ask other people if they agree with you that what you both behold isn’t a threat to a certain worldview. Assurance can be had here; other people will laugh and validate your effort and your feelings of being disarmed in the face of such an uncomfortable situation.”

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @Aldi Herent(B) – Samsung Galaxy Core — 4 images


6 thoughts on “Humber 1922

  1. very smart. I don’t know anything about cars but do think those vintage sorts have an attractive quality to them. My brother and I met the guy who owned the car used in the film: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He had quite a few like the one you have pictured and let us sit in them (under supervision!). Best wishes from baldy

    • Must have been wonderful to sit in these old automobiles. I remember that film. Early seventies? or earlier perhaps? Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful week. 🙂

  2. Warm, vulnerable smiles also save the world from time to time. Gracious how that beard fits the car perfectly…is it a mechanical case of an example when an owner and their beloved pooch often look alike as well ?! -x.M

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