‘my’ identity

“identity needs others to profile itself’

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mental mind always pushes its image of self,
and mind is absolutely sure that this image is reality.

mind wants to define,
next pronounce,

what makes itself significant,
what makes self exceptional.

it wants to stand out,
it wants to be unique,
it wants to be individual.

seven billion people,
and me wants to be noticed

how can i be noticed as a facebooker
or as a blog writer … 🙂  (haha, i got me)

notice how identity increases
when being praised,
but a lot more
when hearing a blame,
when hearing an accusation,
when hearing a false accusation!!

now, notice how mind reacts
when two people have a fight,
and it has nothing to do with me:

looking sad,
share a meaningful look :-[
with other innocent bystanders,
we even feel compassion,
but most often pity
a little,
… just a little …

we would not intervene,
except perhaps when the situation gets severely out of hand,
and even then we would like another bystander to take action

… notice how I do everything not to be noticed …
… identity is weak  — we are furniture …
… notice the dis-identifying use of ‘we’

now if you hear a blame, directed at you,
notice that it is somebody’s incorrect image of self,
complaining about its incorrect image of you …

notice that you have a choice …
of identity …

and perhaps,
you might look sad,
and understanding :-[
even feel compassionate,
first a little, … next a little more …
and if it is only verbal,
take no action,
and wait a long while,
before you can communicate in peace

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 / july 2013 – @Home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8119/8121/8129/3897


13 thoughts on “‘my’ identity

  1. Thoughtful – but different people react in different ways, possibly because their sense of identity is differently based. I’m reminded of this Quaker story (I think the man may have been John Bright, so I’ll use that name):

    John Bright came on a crowd gathered around a sad scene. A carter’s horse had collapsed and died. In those days there was no insurance for such people and the event was almost as much a disaster for the carter, who could be made destitute, as for the horse. People in the crowd were sympathising, saying how sorry they were. The man next to Bright said this.

    Bright said, “I’m sorry ten pounds (a lot of money then). How sorry art thou?” A collection was made for the carter to buy a new horse.

    • identity can be anywhere, wherever consciousness brings it … sense of self is something different, just one of the 6 senses taking attention, but then self most often imposes itself as the only true identity

  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Welcome, welcome to another late edition (yes I know lol) of Friday Night Poetry Corner #43. This time the feature poet is Bert0001 joint called “my identity.” This retrospective/introspective is an amazing piece that uses another “eye” to view and understand reality. Also when y’all get a chance visit his blog and read other poems and musing by his intelligent writer.

    Oh, a side note every time I look at his name and picture it oddly reminds of Gordon Freeman of the Half Life 1 & 2 fame (any gamer, especially middle age gamers will know what I am talking about :o).

    Thanks for visiting and enjoy..

  3. “… notice how I do everything not to be noticed …
    … identity is weak — we are furniture …
    … notice the dis-identifying use of ‘we’”

    very powerful indeed. love this poem a lot. introspective and retrospective. beautiful piece. I would love to feature this on my poetry corner. i will reblogged this for others to see. Great work!

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