the mental profiler …

there’s this weird feeling,
now, driving this car …
it is very silent
in my head

no more passengers
habitual road
automatic driving
classic radio playing
minimalist music
perhaps Simon Rackham

identity is very weak right now

identity needs others to profile itself

when alone, there is no need

although most of the time it forgets to background
and any drama continues to play inside the mental mind, …

but right now i am free

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) august 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_7827


18 thoughts on “the mental profiler …

  1. It is a shame that so many fear, or presuppose, that solitude will bring a sense of alienation. There’s an addiction to a certain shallowness of engagement – being ‘switched on’ – that sustains self-identity, a sense of purpose, and makes a hollow promise of egoic satiation.

    As the senses calm of their own accord, perhaps in the way you describe so eloquently Bert, there’s an opening in which we ‘hear’ the silence beneath the sounds. There is no alienation here, no noisy entity to be either trapped or free. How could silence ever not be free?

    • Took me a little to connect both words inside my head. I don’t know whether it is that … since Fahrvergnuegen has to do with being in power of the machine while this is exactly the opposite, and that’s perhaps where they meet.

  2. The feeling you describe is normal for the seeker of the Reality because whilst he/she has left the shallowness of the perceived reality she/he has not attained the awareness of the Reality. You are doing well!

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