intergalactic super-highway

a Nature Video … about Laniakea …



16 thoughts on “intergalactic super-highway

    • Most welcome Wendell — I felt very inspired by this video, and then to know that the universe is still at least 3 powers of 10 bigger than this ‘Laniakea’, and the universe itself is probably one among zillions …

    • yes, I think we had some chat about that one some time ago 🙂 … next feeling the urge to know, then thinking that this could be greed for knowledge; in due time everything will be revealed.

    • in physics they usually compare earth-like planets or moons to jupiter like gaseous things … although, they do not know what is 10km below earth’s surface, and recently discovered huge amounts of water there — neither has anyone ever descended to jupiter’s core to find out about those supposed gases.
      In bert-ology, I’d refer to earth as home.

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