Nisargadatta on Silence


The tiniest details visualize on screen,
of what I just photographed.
I’m without words.

Several times …

First when I notice the miracle of nature,
Secondly when I’m eye to eye
A third time on the screen …
When framing the picture inside WP

Speechless all those times
And trying to share those moments …

This is the “distance between two thoughts” that Nisargadatta Maharaj talks about in these two quotes from “I am That”

    “It has nothing to do with effort. Just turn away, look between the thoughts, rather than at the thoughts. When you happen to walk in a crowd, you do not fight every man you meet, you just find your way between. When you fight, you invite a fight. But when you do not resist, you meet no resistance. When you refuse to play the game, you are out of it.”

“No particular thought can be mind’s natural state, only silence. Not the idea of silence, but silence itself. When the mind is in its natural state, it reverts to silence spontaneously after every experience, or, rather, every experience happens against the background of silence.”

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) juni 2014 @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_7592

17 thoughts on “Nisargadatta on Silence

  1. It is incredible the conversations that can be heard in silence. Bless you and the beautiful bugs for another reminder. (BTW, today an order was sent off to Amazon earlier for my own copy of “Reality” by Peter Kingsley and for “I Am That”…more precious syncs 🙂 . -x.M

  2. Do you answer a comment that is aggressive on WP or just ignore? I have received some such comments almost entirely from one person. First I acknowledge d the comments. Then I tried stating my point of view but think that was wrong because it just invited more of the same. Best not to engage at all? Ignore the comments even if they are erroneous? Just curious if you have had to deal with this?

    • Ignore what shouldn’t be answered, and censor, next blacklist those who want to take over my blog as a platform for their ideas. A blog is not supposed to be a forum. I’m a North Korean Ruler of my blog 🙂
      You cannot defend democracy by allowing undemocratic elements to take part. Or in other words, the only thing tolerance should not tolerate is being attacked on being tolerant.
      Up till now, I didn’t have any trouble though. But I remember several bloggers who closed their blogs.
      An attacker also chooses innocent vicitms. If you ever comment on the attackers own blog, they can see your email address and can start to attack from there. Better use an alias for WP-emails, so you can protect yourself if ever necessary against that behaviour.

      • Thank you so much for your input! I totally appreciate it. In general, I think refusing to engage is the right way to go. Sometimes people will escalate to get you to engage. I have, at times, waited it out. Much better. But not always what I do. Am aiming to make it so. Thanks for a stimulating post and your generous answer to my question.

  3. Powerful post. There is a great sense that rushes over our thoughts like a wave when we are in awe. There is no room for speech or thoughts at the height of this wave. And no speech or thought can convey the magnitude of what was sensed.

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