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I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Douglas Adams (English humorist & science fiction novelist 1952-2001)

What makes this morning different from yesterday’s?
A heavy burden in yesterday’s here and now, is gone.
The annoying me, replaced by its happy counterpart.

A virtual deadline: “in due time”
A virtual mental clock and a relentless mental scheduler,
Every second, 50 milligrams, weight added on my shoulders.
Now gone.

It’s time to get aware of my burden(s) …
Which burden keeps me unhappy right now?
Do I replace my burdens regularly,
do I chain them together in the train of life?

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) july 2014 @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_7672/39/41/51/52/53


5 thoughts on “burden

    • … In this specific case it was more an overestimation time being able to spend on the ldap-migration-project. — like yesterday time also vanished, when wife and kids had planned to go to the sea, but then didn’t because of the weather — Unfortunately, ldap needs my concentration, and not just 10 minutes of routine now and then. A severe roadblock was incorrect documentation on the RTC(cn=config) implementation. Now that this hurdle is taken, it runs on a local virtual machine. Only some more days needed to upscale and to go live (if family permits). Such a roadblock is indeed a dread when I didn’t know what to do next not even plan next, being stuck in a labyrinth.

      • I understand – I guess the only solution would be if we (in IT) would do “time management” the same way plumbers, carpenters and other craftspeople do: If they don’t make something in due time (due to whatever reason, incl. their own errors in estimates) they simply tell the client (afterwards) that “they unfortunately did not make it”. It freaked me out often but thinking about the way a small company works, having to do firefighting as well as planned projects, you cannot completely mitigate all risks.

        I feel it works (somewhat) if all of your projects could be postponed if needed – so you can always work on the most urgent item and tell the other clients you had to postpone their less urgent task … which they do often understand as they work the same way and tell you all the time they had to postpone that appointment with you because of more urgent issues (usually the VIP manager needing something).

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