ipv6 part2: soho ipv6

kept myself busy writing some preliminary course material — letting you peek into my professional life …

Gnu Bizz 2

In this series for small office and home office (soho) I will discuss connecting via ipv6 to the outside world, and back.
In this 2nd post, I will look at ipv6 in my linux machines.

There are 3 desktops and as many laptops in my network, all running one or the other Debian like distro. Regardless, what I will talk about in this post should be similar to most linux distros. I realize that this is a highly technical post. The most important thing is that you try some or many of the things in this post for yourself. A practical approach is the best to learn: you ask yourself questions, next, you’re bound to look for answers.

ipv6 on my desktop

3 years ago, we had a world wide ipv6 day: On 8 June, 2011, top websites and Internet service providers around the world, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!…

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2 thoughts on “ipv6 part2: soho ipv6

    • you’re welcome. yep, that will work on RaPi. Didn’t do much with it yet, only installed a ready made media server to test wether it worked … need more time for toys now.

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