automatic pilot

You want to hear affirmed those things nobody can affirm but you.
You want to hear: “yes, you are on the right road”
You want to be praised.

–> that is your desire to achieve …
all this comes from the mind.

You know the nature of mind,
you know it is a machine
caught in being busy,
all the time, with itself.

It takes over,
it often has to.

But you leave that automatic pilot switched on for ever,
carrying you away … to nowhere …

Then you forget to see, that this is
nothing but the automatic pilot
and its preoccupations,
and you find yourself
back in the web
of ceaseless

It is your very mind
discovering this
at this very

One doesn’t have to feel bad for this.
Feeling bad about it
comes from that same mental desire
from line five …
the desire to achieve a non-mental state ..

And all these desires,
originate from one place:
the identity machine.
Identity: A desire to be different
from any other creature,
a desire to stand out.

The mind machine will take over,
again and again …

It happens,
it will happen all the time,
switching on and off,
but mostly on,
trying to regulate everything,
like a climate control,
an interruptible power supply,
redundant storage and so on
in your mental data-center.

But the more we become aware of this,
and shrug our shoulders about it,
the less the controller will control
when it is not necessary to do so.

The mind machine will slowly control less and less,
and do not much more than what it was designed for.
It will stop inflating itself.
It will stop thinking it can control:
control situations, control others, control itself.
It will stop resisting itself most of the time.
It will stop clinging to that image it made of itself.

That’s all.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) june 2014 @botanical garden Leuven(be) – Samsung G-core – x_20140622_123049

6 thoughts on “automatic pilot

  1. Awesome, Bert! I love your phrase identity machine. The use of the word machine there reminds how the mind, like any machine, (when in this machine mode) has no direction without the input of the user. It will simply latch on to the next identity, one it can support with fragments of the past and dreams of a possible future. It is a reckless originator of identity, and blindly latches onto any opportunity to further it’s project. I think when identity is removed from the thinking mind’s domain, as awkward as that feels, there is room for some new type of awareness to emerge… 🙂


    • Thank You Michael. When you happen to lose identity, (which happens very often but most of the time unconsciously) anything is possible … although I remember overspeeding a lot accompanied by relentless laughter while being there 🙂

  2. Society has pushed us into the game of Speedier Than Ever Auto Pilot….and now it’s time to push back……ahem!….I mean, it’s time to Just Be.

    • Pushing back might have adverse effects, … or perhaps not … although not pushing at all might be more than enough to slow down to root levels. And yes, just being, that’s more than enough.

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