just another emptiness …

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a strange feeling,
after having achieved
what is achievement but past
what am i today?

it creates a sadder reality
than what was happening during the doing

to have is insignificant
to do is not the present
being conscious
always present

what is it to be?
how great the fear
to enter triviality

yet that is
my root state

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) april 2014 @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_7367

10 thoughts on “just another emptiness …

  1. I wonder if this this has to happen after every sort of achievement – of if it depends on the level of exhaustion?

    Anyway – I can relate and hope you can relax and recharge during this long extended weekend!

    • I remember feeling this before returning home from Nigeria in 1992 … a mission accomplished feeling … and now ?!? … this kind of feeling … a game of the mind always wanting more i suppose.

    • mediocrity, materialism and the mundane happens often to be the present moment 🙂 it is not inferior, nor superior. Of course we don’t feel awe with that, but we could develop it and see something awesome in those things everyday. This is your first day on earth, and how you enjoy getting your face wet by the rain 🙂

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