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Vlokje (Flakelet) came to join our family 10 days ago.
she does what all young dogs do,
and bites and chews anything tasty,
preferably my best shoes 🙂

everyday she discovers something new.
she walks with me and the old Max
to the back of the garden,
a couple of times a day,
and she knows
she has to go outside
when need arises.

Accidents happen,
she’s still very young
(just 9 weeks).

This afternoon,
she managed to come upstairs,
and she inspected my office,
… so i put a toddler proof gate.


32 thoughts on “vlokje

  1. Looking forward to dog stories 🙂 I never had one myself but I have a client who has three – and I had to face some interesting challenges due to dog-computer interactions 😉

    What I find fascinating is that dogs seem to be either extremely active – or they sleep… as if somebody suddenly had pressed the Off button.

    • … I have rewired some power supplies already, so that this unkind interaction will be prevented. I never noticed this active sleeping condition, but there is a lot of truth in it.

        • It is very interesting to compare German, Dutch and English and some dialects. It still happens that I recognize a local dialect word and its ‘reformed’ English/German counterpart and then I philosophize about the subtle and sometimes not so subtle change of meaning … keeps my mind busy analyzing the crowd it belongs to.

          • It interests me too, my grandfather in the North east of Scotland spoke a dialect that contained words originally Middle English/Anglo Saxon… I find I’m able to read some of Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’ in the original form, have you looked into this?

            • Not exactly, but in a similar way I read the original works of Jan van Ruysbroeck, writings already 750 y.o. and very close to my local dialect. Although the meaning and depth of many words is different and needs to be interpreted.

  2. I cannot quite pick the breed, Bert, so tell me! Also here is my blog on my dog written, partly, to help people train dogs. N.B. Tali understands about 70 different commands (or requests) and has NEVER been given a “treat” – any dog should obey out of affection for its master!

    • Hi Ian, I visited your doggy journal a couple of weeks ago, a few days before I brought Vlokje home. You give some very good advise — and the fascination with food is something this new doggy has too. But very smart they are, and this one certainly is.
      The only treat I give Vlokje is affection … and it is reciprocated 🙂
      Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

      • Ah! . . . one of those little blighters!! 🙂 They are strong willed and intelligent and, as a matter of interest, are a two fifth part of the Miniature Fox Terrier (Tali) – the other three being Fox Terrier, Whippet, Tenterfield Terrier or Manchester Terrier. The two parts attributed to the Jack Russell are the smooth coat and the rough coat.

    • Thank you, the awe moments happen early morning (5.30) when doggy wants to go out and when no soul is making noise yet, but the birds do their best to find a mate …

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