colors of relief

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a sign
of relief


yesterday …
still no energy
although mental sources had rested
was a week not enough?

was it the heavy food,
was it the burden of life
was it depletion of my batteries

yes i did hard physical labour
but only for two hours
is my body ageing?

… but today
I recognized the
twitch in my right eye

a friendly reminder to slow down

A friend
whom I first recognized

22 years ago
while in Africa —
a curfew
never sleeping enough
encounters with alien germs
but also the sweetest of memories
that keep you awake
while they happen


Oh yes,
I thought I had slowed down,
I thought I didn’t do anything last week,
but now I notice that to-do list
that I proudly ploughed through πŸ™‚

fooling myself
busily doing nothing
and barely time for awe
no time for contemplation
no time for silence


sighs of relief

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 @botanical gardens Leuven(b) – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6887/6872/6886/6894


10 thoughts on “colors of relief

  1. Hi Bert…just a thought. For the past few years I’ve found that the feeling of walking under water, not my usual Spring self, kind of scary lack of maddeningly low energy has been caused by seasonal allergies. No other symptoms. I’m not one for taking any kind of medication but I experimented with one of the non-drowsy allergy medicines and that did it….weird but I’m so grateful to have figured this out. Are the pictures from your garden?

    • Thank you for your visit and comment. This allergy related fatigue has happend to me too, in a recent past, but what I am still feeling now, but a lot less, seems to be partly undissipated frustration and partly having done too much during the first half of May.
      The pics I took in March in the local botanical garden. Their ‘fuzziness’ looked like a good illustration of my fatigue πŸ™‚ Slowly getting better …

  2. I think sometimes genuine recharging takes more time than the cubits of “break” the modern world affords us. Our bodies don’t know how to fit into rectangular blocks of time, any more than our lives know how to fit into rectangular cubes of space. Wishing you peace and some timeless thundering. That sounds good, indeed!


    • Often, some gardening, using more or less physical ‘force’ has a calming effect on mind.
      I noticed in the past week that some situation trigger this fatigue, hence it must be repressed frustration of some kind.

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