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My mental system
wants to involve
in what
I find

I hope
it will touch
the other.

However, I only try once
perhaps just two times …

… too much “nay, not for me”,
and I stop trying to share  …

often with just one person,
sometimes with an entire audience,
and once in a blue moon with everyone

but when mind slows down,
when the influence
of identity and ego
comes to a standstill,
when mental system
vulnerability metamorphoses
from a concrete wall
into the doorway
to the heart

(“Mr Sulu, shields up”)

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) may 2014 @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_7493/7495/7498/7499/7502

27 thoughts on “vulnerability

  1. nice photos.. wish i had your supportive friends on my blogs – why don’t i have comments. this is all looking odd to me. I am going blog about the absence of comments on mine.. I love your work and enjoy the photos and happy, just happy to tell you so. eve

    • … I don’t know … I feel your dissapointment in this last comment. Sigh! I’m not a good commenter myself. And I noticed that when on some sites likes are switched off and comments still on, I often do not want to visit. A view is as good as a like, and a like is the same as the comment ‘great’ …. don’t worry about it. Let’s blog because we like blogging …. 🙂

  2. nice piccies bert. my camera is not working too well… I am still taking photos but the clarity is not there…Jim said he would buy me a macro Lumix – i would like that… I Love flowers and to photograph them well is not easy… keep in touch… fondly eve

    • Hi Eve, … I’m very late on replying comments these days. Life is not easy right now, for me (has it ever been 🙂 ) … For clarity you need light, lots of it. In winter I could make 100 pics and find none of them suitable for publication. And then a tripod might help a lot.
      Did a test with a canon DSLR last month … same problem with light, moreover, the thing is so heavy …
      Then bugs are the next challenge 🙂 they don’t want to sit and wait …

      • yes, we are short on sunshine eh? – horrible.. Actually winter days when clear are best for photography.. Summer the air is too polluted… I do wish you well Bert – I am seriously worried about the lack of comments on my blog.. I hear there are many robot likes and I think i must have most of them on my blog, for there are so few comments.. Keep well my friend. eve

        • I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Most robots I see are spam comments like ‘I truly love your site.. Very nice colors & theme.’ that’s a robot.
          Real robots have no real gravatar page.

      • love all serve all, was a personal message actually to someone who is bothering me on the blog.. I just wanted to make a public statement. thus, that post is not really a post at all. However, all others are posts and take a lot of time to prepare.. Look dear Bert, you are probably busy, so I must not take up your time. blessings eve

  3. Beautiful share. What a difference between trying to share and just being what you share. 🙂 . Hope your spring into summer is going well…definitely stunning from the pictures. -x.M

  4. Wonderful pictures Bert!! A framework of Beauty and Vulnerability. I have talked with my wife often about the priceless wonders ready to be shared, just beyond the veil of vulnerability.

    • Hi, great to see you! And thank you for your nice words. Being open means to be vulnerable. The price to pay is that we get hurt now and so often. But even when we close off, we get hurt anyway. So perhaps it is better to remain open 🙂
      HAve a wonderful week!

  5. I understand this mute stance. For me, it’s my inner child’s cry of unworthiness…ultimately fear of being alone and unloved. But oh, I can tell the difference in how people react to me when I greet the moment mindfully! Your poem is such a great reminder that our thoughts bring about our reality, while mindfulness brings us closer to the truth ourselves and our connection to others.

    • … I recognize that cry that says in other words: “nobody loves me”. That feeling might be part of the ground state of being, and it shouldn’t make us feel too sad for too long.
      But then, occasionally, some very negative things combined with helplessness will keep the mind runing wild in endless loops. And even our awareness of it is not enough to stop it.
      Yet … the silence necessary to switch the mind off has no name, still it exists when a moment is stretched, and 10 moments become awesome and the silence so penetrating that the feeling gets beyond relief …
      … and then it stops when mind asks: “where did that come from?” 🙂

  6. not just in heart language, I Believe your soul was Whispering to0
    This is beautiful….and heart felt
    Thank you for sharing it with us
    Take care….You Matter…

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