un-knowing karma

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there’s nothing wrong with the concept of karma
neither is anything worng with the concepts of heaven and hell
in fact, there is nothing wrong with any concept
at least when we realize that a concept is just that
a concept: knowledge classified in a brain

and the knowledge contained
might be correct and verifiable
like in physics
or this knowledge might be incorrect,
and its in-correctness verifiable
like in physics

or not

and remain
in the un-knowing

it goes wrong when I hear myself think:
“I wonder what (s)he did in his past life to deserve this”
it goes completely wrong when
a state creates a classfull society founded on
“past lives and past experiences”
and already predefines your life
and how it should be
based on your roots.

There is a book with that name, “Roots”

there is no classless society today on earth …
societies attract the wrong people to power
societies attract the wrong people to money
regardless of the constitution of a state …

so not to make things worse that are already bad,
no empirically unverifiable concept
should ever be part
of the foundations
of a society


no empirically unverifiable concept
should ever be abused
by my overly judgemental brain

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 – @botanique Leuven – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6864-6865-6866-6867

10 thoughts on “un-knowing karma

  1. Beautiful shots of Cherry Blossoms– nothing blooming here yet except Croci and little buds on the trees slowly growing. Yes, it is remarkable how judgmental the mind can be. I thought it was just mine– I am constantly chiding myself but only catch myself being judgmental SOME of the time. Don’t know why this is so. Truly we can judge noone except ourselves and even then there are so many variables in self-perception that this seems an impossibility.

    • We have a lot of rogue thoughts, often. They come form our mental mind, and are just suggestions of the machine we so often identify with. The knowledge that these suggestions are only suggestions from a mind-machine, is often enough to feel easier about it. I saw this rogue thought pass by, early this morning, then made a blog post around it. So it became useful after all.
      There was an article in ScienceDaily some days ago on exactly these kind of thoughts:

      • VERY useful post and reference. I printed it out for my clinician husband. Yes, I am OCD, too, though that takes a back seat to being Bipolar and Asperger’s. Husband and best friend are OCD, too. You would think I would know about these thoughts by now but didn’t or forgot. Thanks so much and have a great weekend! 🙂

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