silent share 7

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While studying, I noticed the Magnolias,
but I didn’t want to waste
more than three seconds
on them.

I didn’t want to be distracted …
… not even by beauty.

that mental dictator
trying to lead
the wandering unit
called me
into a forced silence

So it is that I didn’t make pictures
the first week of silence.
Looking for inner silence
that never came:
it couldn’t be forced

So it is that
by not wanting
to waste time,
that I really wasted

nine days of this life.

And I discovered
the hard way that

abstinence of beauty
soon leads to
atrophy of the physical brain,
a frustrated mental state
an uninspired dullness
and a suffocating sadness

however, so easily undone
by reversing the process:
terminating the dictator’s contract
and sharing the beautiful silence
that came all by itself

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6994-6995-6996-7006


8 thoughts on “silent share 7

  1. Thanks for reading my recent blogs. I had hoped to get a lot more reads on the “Ephemeral Flowers” Its was a powerful message, at least in my view. I am afraid that I made a mistake in the naming of my article. I have learned how important this is. I had started out with the idea of the wonder of early spring flowers and got lead into an area a little way from “home base”. I may try to rename it and re-blog later. Your support means a lot and I enjoy your blog as well. Best wishes, beebeeworld

    • Hi BeeBee, I also noticed that my deeper messages don’t get read as often as the superifial ones. A title might attract, but all my ‘silent shares’ numbered from (1) to (9), regardless of their message, got about the same amount of readers, except for number 8: there were dew-drops on the flowers in the picture.
      So I found that quite surprising — almost funny …

      … I like reading your posts …

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