silent share 3

click the thumbnails, to discover wood anemones in a higher resolution …

‘freedom’ is slowly entering life again …
although time is very limited
how silent is this share?

Thinking about the why of things,
mental mind looks for evidence.
But depending on the mindset,
the evidence is seen
in favour or against
the existence
of the unmeasurable.

Problem is
that there is no such thing
as hard evidence
for those things beyond mind.

The experience of the unmeasurable
happens when mind is very very silent.

So this experience is
not actively recorded.
We remember that
something happened,
that day.

More reliable, mind cannot be{come}.
When mind came back
from the deep backgrounds of our being,
it wondered why it had been gone.
And like remembering a dream,
it recorded the last seconds
of the ‘ending’ experience.

It makes no sense arguing for or against metaphysics, a god or life after death. Mind will never be able to collect that evidence.

Mental mind is better off knowing it cannot know.

When mind backgrounds
and consciousness remains
consciousness will see.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6758/6796/6799/6718/6727/6755/6729/6731


18 thoughts on “silent share 3

  1. All your silent shares are very beautiful! I can relate as I enjoy the spring here, too,… and I am rather silent myself, trying to catch up after a busy week as travelling nomad.

    • thank you. very difficult month for me, … doing things i have done for almost 20 years, but for new eyes … the silence doesn’t keep me centered, but it helps a little these days.

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