Get Out of Your Own Way

“So whenever you feel confused, always think whether you would be doing whatsoever you are doing alone. Then it is perfectly right – continue it. If you feel you will not be able to do it alone because you depend on others’ appreciation, certificates, this and that, then you are not doing your own thing. You are doing something else which is expected of you.”

For my own use, I post and sometimes annotate public domain material on this blog … felt like sharing this one, pointed to me by arpana …

teachers for life

[A sannyasin says she hasn’t the courage to take risks.]

But that may be your thing – not taking risks. There is no need to take risks. If that is your thing, it’s okay. If that is not your thing, there is no need. Always remember that when I say ’Do your thing’, I mean do it – whatsoever it is. It may be a surrender to me, but if it is your thing you have to do it. You have to feel whatsoever is pleasurable to you. Whatsoever gives you joy, peace, that’s your thing. There is no other criterion. This is again taking a criterion from the outside – that one should take risks, that one should be courageous… but why? If you don’t feel like it, there is no need to be anything. If you feel good floating the way you are, perfectly okay. If you feel…

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7 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Own Way

      • Do we? There is always choice. I once had been unemployed for some time and was trying to find work. One option that arose was telemarketing but, after considerable thought, I decided against it because disturbing the peace of people in their homes (and elsewhere!) was against my principles. This was simply not something I could do!

  1. this is really a good thought-thinking post…
    I like what I do alone…
    Thank you for sharing…
    the joke was funny even in a sad way
    Take Care…You Matter..

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