.. in a hurry ..

click the thumbnails, to discover the shrew’s whiskers — they’re quite large and radiating in all directions …


there is disgust with traffic
there is arising anger with some of them
as a pedestrian I feel deprived of my rights
as a car driver I wonder why they do this,

it seems much worse than one week ago,
the way I perceive them driving,
perhaps, there lies a truth in the influence of the moon,
or perhaps it is only my own perception that has changed

and then a thought: “why”
but circular thinking
can’t be broken
by just a thought

the awareness of the circular thinking
has to penetrate the mental realms
and induce a shock of silence,

and here and now there is a wall,
a wall of frustrated thoughts,

blocking this other consciousness,

the awareness is sometimes not strong enough …
one should give it more power,
by slowing down
a lot


Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6583-6584-6585

4 thoughts on “.. in a hurry ..

  1. So relevant to today’s instantaneous world where we grow impatient if we have to wait minutes. I certainly struggle with this and the Universe has conspired to force me to slow down. Am I learning lessons of non-irritation and patience, perhaps. I am a slow learner. Have a great weekend and thanks for this post that makes me think more on these important things.

    • … when under stress, I suffer ‘this’ … then I have to slow down, but that is often impossible, cause ‘the audience’ is waiting … so stopping this vicious cycle is often perceived as being rude in one way or the other, not following the rules. Most often these rules are hard-wired in our heads — breaking the rules and we feel guilty and ashamed … and the cycle continuous.

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