click the thumbnails, to discover these first shy daffodils in a larger format …


there is an intention to share,
next a thought about the uselessness of sharing

then a beautiful sunrise is shared with the youngest,
and these flowers are shared with the internet …

sometimes sharing does not win
most often uselessness cannot claim victory
mental voices trying to win consciousness and action …
the tale of the two wolves comes into focus

what happens when both wolves go silent?


Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6549-6559-6550-6547


28 thoughts on “intentions

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I have been following yours for awhile. Your thoughts are intriguing and your photography is wonderful. It is a gift that you share. I share sunrises with my grandchildren…making their first sunrise with me a special, private adventure. It starts in darkness and ends with a picnic on a blanket in a quiet place in the soft morning sun.

    • thank you for this encouraging comment. sorry for replying late … many things to do …
      Sharing with the grandchildren is a jewel they will never forget, and when they’re grown up, they will glance back and smile

          • It is Thought which triggers/causes everything although some may think it is the “mind”. Notice that here I have used a high case T in Thought to emphasise that it is not what is commonly, and variously, considered to be thought. My writings, in their entirety explain this abstract subject. πŸ™‚

            • Yes, “Thought” (with the high case T) is what some may call God and I use in reference to the all-encompassing “Intelligence” (of which we are a part) – the Oneness etc. – and “thought” is the more mundane, worldly aspect of that which some may see as the mind. Does this help?

            • And in loosely transcribing we have to be extra careful. A lot of my writings, as you may recall, are the result of such transcribing of neoptions very carefully – care for accuracy and care for the readers to come..

  2. You hint at something that occurs to me, time and again, as a person of, well, words. I share because I think what I’m sharing might touch another; might spark something for them, somehow. No attachment, but it’s why I do it. As for sunrises and other natural phenomena, I absolutely share. The other night was so extraordinary that I insisted my husband drag out of bed and check out the sky. He grumbled a bit, but in the end, was so glad that he was able to witness. Aloha, Bert.

    • I realized at a given moment, that the words were dominating, still now. There is nothing wrong with the words, there is, in my life, however, a problem with too much weight given to the words and the thoughts accompanying them …
      I think that sharing is part of belonging — no matter which way it is expressed. Trying to find common ground with others, and being touched by the same source of nature, art, stories or that larger feeling of being overwhelmed by Universe …

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