buds …

click the thumbnails, to enjoy the pictures full size …

a lesser blog month
numerous projects
several deadlines

but there’s always time for bud

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) dec/jan/feb 2013/2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5061/5542/5685/5848/6247/6469/6472/6479

12 thoughts on “buds …

  1. This from p17 of The “Milk Is White” may interest you, Bert:
    Commencing early in this century Dr. Harold Burr of Yale University, U.S.A., conducted research into electromagnetic fields that he and his colleagues suspected existed for all living things. The suspicions became theory and this was proved and followed up for many decades with scientific papers being first published in 1935. Dr. Burr and his colleagues found that these fields controlled the functions of living things precisely. Meanwhile a Russian scientist developed a technique to photograph such fields and, in his experiments, found that a photograph taken of a living thing, after a part of it had been removed, still showed the field in place as it was prior to the excision of the part. Perhaps, here we have the explanation of the often-heard cases of amputees reporting sensations in a limb that had been amputated. Of course, the existence of fields of this sort has been known to those familiar with the paranormal all along as auras, which provide a variety of information regarding many aspects of the tripartite body. Explicit and implicit reference to such fields is part of spiritual philosophy.
    The field governing the body is governed by a second field and these were named the Life Field and the Thought Field by Edward Russel in his book on the subject. For our purposes the Life Field is that described above and the Thought Field equated with our subconscious, which, in turn, is influenced by our superconscious. The body, the Life Field and the Thought Field form a matrix of three separate ‘layers’ interwoven to form one functioning entity, but here again we encounter the apparent paradox of something being one but separate – that is the nature of all things; the “All is One.” This complex field is connected to the superconscious via the seven chakras of the body or, as they are referred to in the book of The Revelation, the seven churches, seven horses etc.

    • It is wonderful how an entire branch, including twigs, leafs and flowers remains all rolled up in such a small confined space during the winter or dry season.

  2. Work has me in it’s grippe as well, but I only wish we had reached the budding point around here. A near record winter is still flexing its muscle. You give us hope! 🙂


    • I remember how last year I watched people across the ocean posting ‘spring’, while we were in the middle of winter … but thaw will come, soon, you are nearly there … hold on to that hope 🙂

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