the instrument called ‘me’

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… neither of them is a cloud …

There is the waiting in the metro station.
Mind(*) is busy. Looking for indications of the next train.
A signboard says 1 minute. But the minute takes a long time.
There is a warning about a collision on line 3, but this is not line 3.

Soon the signboard says “immediate” but it takes time.

The order of displayed trains changes.
The next one will come in 2 minutes.
Mind gets over-active.
It ‘thinks’ and presents possible scenarios.
Regardless, this thinking will not change the departure time.

A teacher and 30 young adults arrive at the other side.
Mind says: “I have been here too with 10 students something like 3 months ago”.
Mind wanders off and replays the memory.

There is a head-light.
The replay of past stops.
Action is now required: which door //  is there a seat.

Once seated mind goes silent.
Eyes can watch out windows
and glance upon unknown faces.
Mind remains quiet.

“I” identify with my mental activity …
Mind thinks it is me.
Mind is identifying with itself,
that is correct
next it makes a horrible mistake:
“Nothing else is Me – Me is mind – I am Me”
What happens when I watch out the window, … thoughtless?

(*) In this entire post, MIND stands for ‘mental mind’: thoughts, opinion, reasoning, logic, memory, concepts

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 6226-6231


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