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Our sharp eye-focus is limited
to an area not much bigger
than four full moons.

We ‘see’ a lot more,
un-sharp, …

and our brain looks for movement
and break-lines in that vast canvas,
to continuously move
our attention
to were the action is.

The human voice,
is also always focussed upon
by the physical brain;
a burnt in habit
to give attention,
and if possible,
fellow human beings

Talk-radio and television,
have become an eternal source of distraction.
It takes a lot more energy
to concentrate within their field of noise.

The constant battering by the human voice,
might lead to a chronic attention deficit
might lead to underdeveloped communication skills
might lead to impoliteness and disrespect for fellow creatures
might lead to an immunity against empathy and compassion.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) february 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_6292-6290-6289-6326-6330-6328

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