rainy weed

click the thumbnails, to enjoy the pictures full size …

Scale is everything
Water doesn’t create
Pumpkin sized drops
on Rhubarb.

Earth’s gravity gets stronger
than cohesion and adhesion
when the water mass
gets bigger … and bigger

Imagine the world’s oceans
Rolling up into one large
Ball of water,
plenty of fish and whales
roaming inside …

Well, in fact,
they do, roll up,
around Earth,
With a radius
of 6,378kms

the oceans are
the roundest part of earth

how limiting is your
mental perspective?

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5892-5867-5876-5913

13 thoughts on “rainy weed

  1. I love your rainy weeds. Here in San Diego we either get no rain, which doesn’t make for very good rainy weed pictures, or we get too much rain, which washes all the weeds away. There is no in between……..lol

  2. Really nice pictures – and thoughts to go with them. In my life, I am realizing that perspective is everything. Although we can do our best to stretch our boundaries and imagine that which we can not comprehend, sometimes it’s comforting to realize that as a human being right now, I am limited in my perspective.

    • thank you for your personal insight and for your encouraging words. Realizing that any thought is limited is probably enough to live a life that takes advantage of the limitless possibilities it offers

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