moments of sunrise

click the thumbnails, to enjoy the pictures full size …

playing with sunlight

the sun,
a feminine
noun in my dialect.

not male like in Latin
or a neutral ‘it’ as in this
foreign language

energy source
the only one

how long is
5 billion years
times two?

in human lives
in human generations
in human experiences
in human interactions
in human thought

how many moments
in a sun’s life?
what is a moment?
… a ment-al mo-vement? * 1

when thought ceases
time stops and
that moment
lasts forever

1: the real etymology of moment resides in the Latin momentum: contraction of movimentum, from movere “to move” and mentum, a proto-european suffix objectifying the verb; as in documentum: docere (to study) + mentum -> the object that derives from studying

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 6033-6034-6035-6041-6044-6046

18 thoughts on “moments of sunrise

  1. Lasts forever in what Hinduism terms The Arkashic Records and, if I am not mistaken, Christian teachings call The Book Of Life. Of course, all this is subject to the fact that, in reality, time is non-existant!!!!

        • For me mental includes thinking, concepts, memory, reasoning, opinion … it doesn’t include the subconscious nor the unconscious systems, it doesn’t include the hormonal or the emotional system, neither does it include the spiritual mind. All those things together could be called mind, and have been called mind by others, so I specifically talk about the conscious mental faculties by using the term mental mind. Only the mental part of mind needs time. (i humbly think with my mental mind) 🙂

  2. Of what is the sun aware? An awesome contemplation. I like the thought that sometimes goes around suggesting we are, ourselves, the extension of the sun- it’s slightly cooled energetic expulsions wandering around this dazzling rock, shielding our eyes from the glare of the very source of all local bits of matter and energy of which we are composed. Makes you wonder what that sun is really up to… What does it say at the local star conferences? Does it brag? Or keep it’s little steadily-unfolding secret under wraps…?


    • There might be consciousness in the sun, but it might not be self aware. But we simply don’t know, and we will not know this lifetime, … Yes, we were all constructed from that stuff that contracted to the solar system, the same stuff all planets and the sun is made off.
      Perhaps all those members of that same cloud share some superconsciousness.
      Whether stars communicate? Perhaps, by microgravitational waves … 🙂
      Have a great weekend, Michael!

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