playful sunlight

click the thumbnails, to enjoy the pictures full size …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 6105-6116-6138-6126-6121-6124


16 thoughts on “playful sunlight

  1. How true it is that when we get absorbed in nature we relinquish trivial thoughts. R.L.Stephenson once advised that if one is troubled the best thing to do is take a walk in the garden. Sadly, however, so many “civilized” people these days cannot even do that because they are too busy!

    • … this is a fact. Many people in the city lack access to nature, and think they lack access to time. (not only in the city)
      I lived in the city center close to the botanical gardens for 6 years. A park, that closes at 5pm in winter unfortunately, is not the same as your own little patch of grass and flowers. Moreover, I think that my ‘winter mood’ is more affected by not being able to be in nature often, than it is affected by the lack of light. (but of course the first is the consequence of the 2nd) Besides, I didn’t have a winter mood this year, probably because I take time often round sunrise, to look around and make pictures in … the garden 🙂

      • Not only do people in large, built up cities lack gardens but also the sunlight on the skin vital to health. as for “winter moods”, of course, they are affected positively by both sunlight and nature in gardens – even the poor trees planted in concrete give us something unreservedly. 🙂

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