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There is something mysterious about Hazel
the male catkins are already visible before winter,
ready to bloom at the first signs of spring …

The female flower is less known.
You have to pay attention,
carefully look at those branches.

They don’t look much different
in size and shape as any other bud,
a few millimetres in size,
but at the edge,
tiny red-violet hairs,
crawling in the air …
… like miniature starfish.

Nature always makes me speechless  …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5789-5806-5807-5812-6099-5857

13 thoughts on “hazel

    • You’re welcome. To the naked eye the red bits look like tiny fluffy reversed spiders … and one really has to look for it. One or the other teacher in grammar school pointed our attention to it, and I never forgot this lesson in the nearly not seen 🙂

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