veronica pratensis

click the thumbnails, to enjoy the pictures full size …

Veronica is one of those tiny gems we often fail to see.
A flower, barely 1 cm in diameter,
a ground coverer;
member of the figwort family.

It’s quite unusual to see them in January.
These pictures were taken 10 days ago.

Pratensis means it grows in meadows;
Veronica is the latinised form of the Greek Berenice.
You could read it phonetically as ‘Very Nice’,
but in Greek it mean(s)(t) bringer of victory.

These days I see only one conqueror of meadows,
and that is the domesticated cow …
But the flower came too early to be eaten,
And now it serves
as inspiration and
food for awe …

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5518-5519-5797


14 thoughts on “veronica pratensis

    • 10°F = -10°C … shaking from thinking about it …. this week it has been freezing early morning, and today, the wind is cold.
      Yes, and veronica is still there, but the flower is closed now, and waiting for more sun.
      🙂 yes, food escaped the big mouth of the beautiful cow.

    • Well, my youngest still hopes for some snow, and my experience tells me that in years like this it usually comes mid february, beginning of march, to disappear in less than two days, and to be enjoyed by those who have the guts to phone to work to say they can’t come.

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