backyard crystals

click the thumbnails to enjoy the crystalline world from close-by…

beautiful gems
only water
gone the same day

long since

d i s p e r s e d

some in the clouds,
ten thousand miles from here
some inside earth
inches from here
perhaps i or you
inhaled or drank one,
and it found
a temporary place
in a body.

we live
in an awesome world
on a blue planet

these gems gave me chills
several times:

at first when i went out that morning
a fresh morning in december
and i went back to wear a coat

secondly, I saw those little frozen layers,
on the grass, on the moss, everywhere

i went indoors again to get the camera,
then felt the joy of perfect light

next there is expectation – waiting while shooting
ignorant about the result – making 30 shots,
for perhaps only one (and sometimes none)
picture worth sharing

then there is the private joy
of watching the shots first time

then showing them
to an intimate circle
of friends and family

then there is the digital cutting
with the result shown above

and last but not least
there is the sharing
with the world
hoping to startle you
for just one second
hoping to share that awe
and silence
from deep within

to bring you into contact
with the silent world
beyond the mental realms

an escape from
the daily chatter
the daily bore
where we spend
way too much
all the time

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) december 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5224-5233-5234-5238


16 thoughts on “backyard crystals

  1. Chatter and bore. I don’t think I spend that much time there, and perhaps I don’t. Then again, perhaps I do. Distractions are temptations away from the miraculous in the minutae. I strive to witness miracles as much as possible.

    • Well, … I meant the chatter inside our heads, the mental mind always trying to mobilize us with stories and assumptions, and of course, this can lead to chatter between two minds, …
      Bore is just another story inside that mental mind …
      And i feel less guilty of bore and chatter these past 2 or 3 years, but … it’s always there, in my case, i only listen less to it.
      Then the miracles, yes, they are everywhere, ,, endless awe if we want ..
      Who is that “I” who is in charge of that choice of wanting to see or wanting to be bored or budy with nothing at all?

  2. Bert: This is a beautiful display of crystals. My husband mined crystals from Mt. Ida, Arkansas so he’d have natural or non-treated crystals to work with as a jeweler. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. The photo in the upper right hand corner of my blog is a piece of jewelry my husband made for me. He’s been sick for a very long time, therefore his store is sold out of everything.
    I didn’t believe everything Tom, my husband, was always telling me about the healing powers of crystals that hadn’t been treated by artificial means. Once we moved from the central coast of California to DC for my career, there were many days when I’d leave for work and my crystal would be perfectly clear and by the time I got on the metro to go home, the crystal would be almost black!
    Tom would burn sage and hang the crystal from our second floor deck (the best time is during the full moon) and by morning, the crystal would be completely clear.
    They really are marvelous occurring creations. Tom uses no chemicals with crystals and he does his cutting and polishing all by hand (almost unheard of in this day and age).

    • Thank You for sharing. I had no idea that crystals change color. My cynical society has no ears for this. But I’m all ear. Wondering, how marvelous the world around is.
      I have always been collecting stones, from my travels, and perhaps, all those little crystals together also have a little power. To me at least a power of attraction.
      Polishing by hand is a painstaking process. Cutting is a very special skill.
      Keeps me wondering why would a crystal lose its brightness, and what exactly does it absorb?
      Thanks for visiting, and have a great day, you and Tom. 🙂

  3. This is a “beautiful gem” of a post. Beauteous shots of magical water and wonderful words of poetry with crystalline thoughts conveyed. Love to think how water disperses with its magical properties. And you succeed in stopping the drivel of so-called reality and bring us to Nature/Awe/Silence. Thank you.

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