roses in january

click these thumbnails, and be surprised by bathing bugs, delicate thorns and essential fragrances contained in minuscule droplets on the rose’s outer sepals

Roses have many secrets
they bombarded me
with gentle awe

these past
two weeks
in January


Bugs bathing upside down
thorns playing in the wind
droplets of fragrance
on sepals or growing tip


At the same time I am surprised by my own nature of self
how easy i am affected by temporary emotions
how my moods come and go like the wind


a futility in time
but carrying me
to heights
to depths


I look at those emotions
not different from the roses
surprised by their resilience
as  well as their tender nature



emotional seasons
hundred times faster
seasons on earth


I shouldn’t let my mind involved
not let mind carry me to despair
not let mind carry me to those inflated heights


just look,
and enjoy

or look and
be patient


So fleeting
So futile
So beautiful
like a rose
in January

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_5750-5885-5886-5669-5691-5756


23 thoughts on “roses in january

  1. Beautiful in word and image with a wonderfully soothing message Bert. Much needed in this January. – Just yesterday I had a talk with my husband about the need to be patient and filling the time of “void” with joy. So, your post comes at the right time for me and is very encouraging. Thank you!
    Much love,

  2. Truly AWEsome! The droplets with the bugs gorgeous. Is your camera a D SLR camera or a point and shoot? You get magnificent results!! And the last stanza of your poem is perfection! Part of being in a mood is thinking that it will last forever. The highs and the lows. Being Bipolar I understand these very well. I am sorry for your despairs but they will pass. You seem so inspired lately– I wondered if you are a bit manic. But perhaps I am just projecting my experience on to yours. In any case, your poetry and photography has been magical and continues to be so. You seem to be in flow.

    • Thank You, Ellen. The Canon Ixus 230 HS was one of those higher end pocket point and shoot machines. I realize it was not constructed to be used as i do, but it works, and you can put in under mushrooms whils with a DSLR you’ll need mirrors. It’s quite annoying to make macros with it, since you cannot switch off the autofocus, and it will always point to the background in the macro. So I usually focus on a post-it and keep that focus to shoot … and then I’m in the flow when I take pics. Never saw my words as poetry, but my short writings have a larger audience than the essays on anger.
      I was quite down from last Friday till Yesterday morning. An unknown supercomputer I tinkered with yesterday and today got me stressed, and a relationship issue came forward because of that. During my productive phases, I still have a good sleep of 6 hours a night, seldom less, so this doesn’t look like a manic episode … The highs … been teaching subjects that I like in the past 2 months, and winter is too kind here this year (still mosquitoes – it will be a buzzy next summer) so I can still be outside a lot of the time. I wouldn’t talk about a break through, but it seems that the realization of the ‘unknowing’ is these days accompanied by awe for the ordinary.
      Wishing you the most wonderful weekend, and the possibilities to often do what you like and get into the flow yourself!

      • Thank you so much, Bert, for sharing your professional secrets… focusing on a post-it and then going in the flow is genius. I have a Nikon Coolpix and an old DSLR. The Nikon has the same problem your Cannon does and I am sure somewhere in the directions it explained how to get around the autofocus but I didn’t learn. Will try the “post-it” method.

        Glad you are not manic because the problem with mania is the crash and also the annoying aspects of mania that affect other people. I am sorry for your computer problems and the subsequent relationship problems but have faith that all will be ironed out by you.

        I hope to go in the flow because I am in a big low for some time now largely brought on by physical symptoms. Will have to go for tests. Also need to stop trying to push wellness into being by drinking lots of coffee. This affects everything. From where I sit, you seem to have a breakthrough, granted I am at a low level of consciousness but you are having awe regularly and that can only be good.

        And, yes, I do think your posts are poetry.

        Thanks again for the photo tip and have a super duper weekend!

        • Physical well-being is one of the biggest graces we can ever have in life. And if this is threatened, we automatically feel bad. I hope all will turn out well.
          Coffee … is a blessing in the morning, but never after 1pm … 🙂
          On the photography … what can I do with an SLR and a macro lens if I cannot put it under a mushroom 🙂 … but thinking about it … I was not very happy with the results on rainy and frosty moss. Just not sharp enough for me … but then, there was no light, and even a DSLR wouldn’t make up for that.
          HAve a great and joyful Sunday, full of rest and blessings!

        • this was already one week ago. I read this comment, and I remember it, but now I make the time … Yesterday we installed two 200pound computers, good for a total of 360TeraByte. The problem with this customer is communication.
          Yes, awe is always good, even when doing this heavy weight lifting and putting both computers in a rack. Not alone, but even with two people, it was quite difficult.
          I hope your physical checkup will soon point to a cure, and flow will come bak.
          I realize too that my ‘high’ is in part due to the fact that I have less financial problems than a year ago. And even thinking about the end of the tunnel 🙂
          HAve a great weekend,

          • Thanks so much, Bert, for writing. And thanks for your good wishes. At least I finally got some sort of diagnosis and hopefully in a few weeks will be finer than I have been for months. It really wears you down, being sick. Kills much of awe and inspiration. Yes, financial problems are very nerve-wracking and must affect the Ramsay Meter a lot. Glad things are better for you. You do sound a lot happier and your posts are on a winning streak. Super duper weekend to you as well, Ellen

            On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 11:38 AM, who is bert wrote:

            > bert0001 commented: “this was already one week ago. I read this > comment, and I remember it, but now I make the time … Yesterday we > installed two 200pound computers, good for a total of 360TeraByte. The > problem with this customer is communication. Yes, awe is always good, ev” >

  3. like taking a photograph, spending time setting up the perfect shot…then it passes us by without us noticing in time to stop and enjoy what caught our attention in the first place…
    I am that way sometimes…I always wonder if people see what I see in that moment if I do capture it ….
    Good post..beautiful words within the rose…I enjoyed both very much…Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Hi MaryRose. Thank you for your kind words.
      So many people always forget to stand still and capture that moment.
      Some, like you, do see it …
      Whether two people would experience the same thing while in that moment, … yes and no. You colour the experience with your mental/emotional state, which is unique, but that sudden moment of awe, creating mind silence for a split second, might be the same for all of us.

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