incorrect data

The train is late.

Why should I care?
There is nothing I can do about it,
and I can text those waiting for me.

There is an automated voice announcing an IC-train on our track.
Next it says that our train will follow one minute later.
This computer is stupid: The IC leaves the city at least two minutes before the L-train, and the L-train wastes precious time at two stops before this one. In general, the L-train will be coming 8 minutes behind an IC.

A computer never lies, though. It is not stupid. It must be misinformed, or ignorant about important factors. But it could also be both of these possibilities at the same time, and it could also be the ‘neither of these possibilities’ option. 4 possible combinations of cyber-error.

A crow announces the IC-train. How old do crows get. 25 years perhaps? Or more? Does google know? If it is not misinformed, ignorant, both or neither at the same time. 4 combinations of google-error.

I’m pretty sure I saw this crow before, often. How often? I’m ignorant about it. But my sureness could be the result of my misinformed human brain. Combining 4 levels of ignorance on this particular crow … while it looks at me, the whole time.

I don’t recognize the individual crow from a pack of 25.
But I’m sure she recognizes me.
I could be ignorant, misinformed, both or neither,
but she does not care!



9 thoughts on “incorrect data

    • … waiting for me is usually a time well spent. A time of rest in Silence. this started happening a long time ago .. no reason to be bored … either there is something interesting to be seen or heared, either the mind is creative, either the body can rest, or all three together …

  1. My mind anchors on “trains” and “cyber-error”. I cannot help remembering a legendary incident at a German railway station some years ago. The displays showing departure and arrival of trains failed – and finally they discovered that these have been controlled for decades by an old and unattended C64 computer everybody had forgotten about. And now that computer had a problem.

    • Never thought this great home computer would be used for professional purposes like railways — but then it was reliable, and cheap, and easy to program. Anyway, great story. thx for sharing.

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