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there is
the moment
of awe

when I see the stars
in a dark night
or an early winter morning


there is
the moment
of inspiration

when I see details
I never noticed before
in the playful lights of Pleiades,
in a patiently polished stone,
in the eyes of a dragonfly,
in the heart of a flower,
in the smile of a child ..


there is a moment of Silence
when the music moves me
to tears of joy
or tears of laughter
or just those tears of sadness


now there is that moment of recognition
that everything is Awe and Silence,


  one hour before work
waiting on a parking lot
when traffic was too easy
and the doors are still locked


all alone
in front of
this dark building

cars and trucks racing
only meters next to me


I find all this
so very inspiring

not different from art
not different from music
it is of the same nature
it is of that same universe
that expands all over the skies
holding up the jewels
of the night


this moment
Silence unfolds

always around


Silence is



the noise of traffic next to me
the planet Jupiter pointing West

the darkness surrounding this building
the planes drawing purple scetches across the sky
that other early visitor waiting now in front of  a closed door


… then I carry that moment
and let it develop into the next one
and what comes after that …
where it will inevitably evaporate
into the rhythm of the day


or not


perhaps the unfolding
can stay unfolded for a while
in the smell of fresh coffee,
in the hearty greetings
of an unknown colleague

in a helpful receptionist
offering to make my photocopies …


perhaps it is always there
perhaps it is ‘runlevel 1‘ of existence


* * *

i wrote this yesterday jan 7th while taking a coffee before class, and then titled it expansion.
It ‘s not really an expansion, it ‘s more like an unfolding of wrapped up awareness, isn’t it?

postscriptum jan 8th 2014 — 11am

… this was difficult
to put into words,
although i just did,
within the 10 minutes
after or still during
the experience …

Wondering whether you
have also experienced
something similar
before or now …

Or should I rephrase that:
“are you aware when experiencing something alike?”
cause we all do experience this and probably more often than we’d like to admit.

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) january 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 5578

14 thoughts on “unfolding

  1. Love your poem… And know those moments of feeling the silence. Most often in the country. I find it hard to hold on to in the bustle of the city, in crowds, when anxious but when not, wheeeeeee…. the soul is free.

  2. Bert I know your very descriptive words in your poem will stay with me throughout the day. Awesome brother, and the picture set it all off very well! I really enjoyed it, your provide a great beginning touch to my day! God bless!

    • Trying my best to express the unspeakable. But the words don’t come even close to the real Silence. Thank you always for your encouragement, friend and brother 🙂

  3. Very beautiful – both the words and the photo. I can very much relate to this. I am usually “2 hours early” at appointments being totally paranoid about traffic.

    And yes – I do / did realize that: Waiting in front of a typical office building is not inspiring at a superficial level – or you would expect so. The more surprising it is to detect those hidden gems. I do remember, for example, seeing one of those large parking loads covered with tons of toads – only once on a particular morning. Gorgeous!

      • I found this so interesting as I often visited clients in theoretically very “interesting cities”, yet I only saw the not exactly exciting part of that places (and the airport). But nevertheless – or probably because of the mundane nature of the environment – I always found those little gems.

  4. that would be my every moment …. as Roomba chimes her alarm to let me know I get to indulge in poetry rather than sweep every morning, the radiate heat in my room swirling with the colder temperature of my house begging me to go make my morning coffee and warm the rest of the place for the rest of the day, or not, and stay here in my covers watching the sun rise through the trees fighting with the gray layer of light clouds the blocks it’s true balance from shining in my face. good morning bert, I love your flow!

    • Thank you, Nikohl 🙂 Your description of your morning is very inspiring. Seen from mind’s perspective, my flow is not continuous, and then it inescapably is when seen the other way. A lot of relentless mind chatter fills many of my moments, but then a lot of moments there is Silence … growing

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