heart seasons

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Melt your heart and keep it warm!

Only you yourself can do that.

But you can use any Moment
of feeling Compassion,
of feeling Silence,
of feeling Love, 
or feeling Awe,
to start from.

Peace will ensue.

Happiness will grow.

Healthier your Soul,
Healthier your Mind,
Healthier your Body,
Healthier (y)our World!

Look inside,
Never give up,
Melt your Heart
from Deep within
Time and Time Again.

my personal interpretation of loving kindness (metta bhavana)

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) December 2013 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4846/5390

16 thoughts on “heart seasons

    • “Likes” do crazy things this last 4 weeks. In every browser that I tried. And I often see that people click 3 times to get it right 🙂 Thank you for all the likes, and the effort it took to make them appear!

  1. And then, you get to that bliss place and see that ultimately you are all alone and you begin the human be.ing.ness project all over again until a cosmic consort comes and flips love’s script all over again. Beautiful poem and Hapi nu yr. 🙂

    • Perhaps bliss is a state, and states are limited in time, even at places where time is beyond time 🙂 Perhaps sharing is more important than enlightenment? Sharing with likemindedness, or likeheartedness … rare to find, … gems on the oceanshore.

      • Maybe, seems reasonable to me this tym round. Now, if one is most fortunate to find that cosmic consort even in duality relation, bliss. Until then, blissful moments of being rather than blissful being in moments?! Perhaps so. ❤

        • … whatever you call it, cosmic consort or gem on an ocean shore … and then go beyond mind and connect … if it wants to happen, it will, … certainly on time scales of the infinite …

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