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Talk about coincidences: something went terribly wrong while posting this. I had to recreate the post and feature a useless message: “this post is bugged … please be patient … trying to restore”

Our mental mind is bugged:

The world of thought is bugged. It is a ‘google in your head’, giving you a constant chatter, an endless comment on what you see, hear or smell or taste.

The world of opinion is bugged. You have once concluded that such and such is true, and now, you think that the world never changes, and that your opinion will still be valid in a century.

An opinion is a preconceived idea. A concept is the same thing. If your mind does not adapt constantly, it will think in terms of a telephone made of orange plastic and with a dial-disc. Whatever we see on a daily basis is corrected by our mental mind, but people who have changed over the many years that you did not see them, are still thought about as they were in 1990.

The world of experience, the world in our memory is bugged. We refuse to acknowledge this. But memory is inaccurate, and so is the memory of an experience.

Our reasoning is often flawed. Reversing the direction of the implication without negating both propositions is the best examples. We refuse to see this. Even if we don’t fall for common fallacies, the conditions and the facts that we use to feed the logic are most often incomplete truths, or just false statements.

The scripts we run in our head, our habits, are seldom the result of a conscious choice. Most often we act and react the way we learned it from our parents and siblings, our culture and our society.

Yet despite all this we function well.

Is functioning what we really want to do?
Don’t we all aspire to do better than that?

Isn’t it time to profoundly question the way we think we are,
and start on a plan for self improvement,
an understanding of self,
a realisation of self?

Pictures by bvdb (whoisbert) 2013 ā€“ @home/north sea/ ā€“ Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG 4203/4934/4890/3632

17 thoughts on “bugged

  1. Returning to this excellent post I want to mention how unfortunate that the original was lost. But how wonderfully this one turned out! Yes, it is absolutely time we all question the way we think. Let’s move beyond ‘functioning’ and into ‘thriving’! Thank you for this thought provoking post Bert! Cheers, Gina

    • … but there is little that this bug can do to change that expression. It can open the mouth or change position of antennae, while you have more than 40 muscles to alter the expression … have a great year …

    • The last time I went there, 1995, Surinam and landing in Moengo from a TwinOtter, then continuing by canoe, most inhabitants going home brought satellite equipment with them. That is now 18 years ago.

      • No doubt that they too are chasing that illusive rainbow but aren’t there still some untouched, or almost completely so, by the rainbow? If not, make my original question a hypothetical šŸ™‚

        • … but even untouched, thought, memory, conceptualization is the same for every human being, and I don’t want to exclude other mammals … whether there are untouched groups, I strongly doubt. The island of Borneo?
          Yes, untouched, they would be happy with their daily activities, but let’s not romanticise. One has to go full circle to arrive back at that untouched place, and then embrace it.

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